Get the Ultimate Guide To A Peaceful Postpartum Experience

(the sh*t no one tells you)

Whether you're currently pregnant or newly postpartum, this Postpartum Package is designed to help you plan & prepare for a peaceful transition into your postpartum experience.

No one needs to suffer in silence, and the tips & advice given in our E-Book will ensure you feel confident you have the support you need!

With this E-Book, you'll also get:

✓ A Guided Breath Work Practice to learn how to increase your capacity for emotional regulation to stay calm & present during the Prenatal & Postnatal Period!

Motherhood Mantras to navigate the Fourth Trimester

✓ PLUS bonus practices, resources & recipes

If you're anything like me, you like to be prepared.

You've probably researched everything the baby will need.

But have you stopped to ask yourself what YOU will need?

You might be thinking, oh great -

another checklist for me to stress about.

Hospital Bag Must Haves, Nursery Set Up, Building out a registry...

It seems to be never ending the amount of STUFF you feel you need to get to be prepared for welcoming a new baby into your home.

You've probably been targeted ads on social media for items you've never even heard of before.

But this list is a little different - this list is all about you, after birth, as you step into a new identity as a mother, whether it's your first, second or fifth time around.

This list is how you can be supported, feel nourished &

be held during this transitional time in your life.

With This E-Book, You'll...

Gain clarity on the Professional support you have available to you during this time.

heal faster physically & emotionally - with positive long term effects.

know how to ask for & receive MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT & helP.


Who Is This For?

✓ First Time Moms Unsure of What To Expect & How To Prepare for Postpartum

✓ Second, Third or even Fourth Time Moms Who Want to Experience Postpartum in a Different Way Than Before

✓ Newly Postpartum Moms, Looking For Help With The Transition To Motherhood

✓ Family Members Wanting To Give A Unique Gift For A Baby Registry!

Start your journey of empowered motherhood right from the start!

The Peaceful Postpartum Package

What's Included:

✓ Your Peaceful Postpartum Plan E-Book

✓ Emotional Regulation Breath Work Practice

✓ Motherhood Mantras

✓ Links to Favorite Postpartum Products & Recipes




This Daily Guided Relaxation Technique designed to relax the body so you can enter a state of surrender and ease. Studies show that releasing physical tension helps release mental stress at the same time. This practice is specifically designed to systematically move through the body in a way that allows for a down-regulation of the nervous system, which leaves you feeling relaxed & refreshed.

breastfeeding meditations

Struggling with breastfeeding and need some support in closing the chapter with acceptance & gratitude? This 3-Part Meditation Series is designed to help you find ease and grace with your transition from breastfeeding and to live motherhood guilt-free.

Hi I'm Kelly Tolliday!

Health & Mindset Coach for Moms

Founder of Hello True Nature &

Thrive Like A Mother

I totally get it, I was right where you are...

I created this Postpartum Package for the past me:

✓ The anxious pregnant woman frantically researching everything the baby needed, but neglecting my own needs.

✓ The postpartum mom sitting in a nursery at midnight crying and unsure of how I was going to survive the next day, physically & emotionally.

✓ The scattered-brained mom trying to look up therapists & YouTube meditations, unsure if it would actually help.

I created this Postpartum Package for the past me, knowing that it WILL help you.

After giving birth & going through the Fourth Trimester with my daughter, I made a mental note to remember to tell all my loved ones & clients about what they'll want to consider BEFORE the baby is born. And after writing out the same message to countless people, I thought this is something that should be shared more formally. (and it would save my little fingers a lot of typing in the long run!)

So welcome to The Peaceful Postpartum Plan. I'm honored to be a part of your journey in this small way!

As a mum myself, I strongly feel Kelly’s work is very important and much needed in motherhood. A missing piece of the puzzle has been the intervention of more Holistic coping tools and practical steps that lead to an integrative approach that allows for balance for each and every mom.

I highly regard all of Kelly’s teachings. I’m very excited to see the impact this will have on our collective #momlife .

- Vivian saad, sydney

Working with Kelly has changed my entire relationship with my feminine energy. When I am faced with challenges physical and mental, I can use the tools I have learned throughout my every day life. Sometimes I don’t even know how much I am incorporating them until I reconnect with Kelly. I consider Kelly an extension of my wellness team and cannot recommend her enough.


Now is the time.

your empowered motherhood journey starts today.